Sint Maarten will go on in Haarlem, but with coronavirus measures

Singing with the kids door to door on Sint Maarten on Wednesday 11 November. Is that possible in Corona time? The Kennemerland Safety Region and GGD Kennemerland are following the decision of the government: Sint Maarten 2021 is happening! There is, however, some advice for residents and parents or supervisors. Find out what it is in the article below.

Sint Maarten’s Day

St. Martin’s Day or Sint Maarten in Dutch is a popular children’s feast day in many parts of the Netherlands and it is celebrated on 11 November.

Typically, in the early winter evening of 11 November, small groups of children can be heard going up and down the street singing songs and reciting poems. They hold small lanterns hollowed-out sugar beet or, more recently, made from paper or turnips on sticks in front of them as they knock on doors and sing songs or recite little poems hoping to receive candies in return, similar to Halloween, but not quite as commercial.

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Sint Maarten’s Day 2021

November 11, 2021…. Can we celebrate Sint Maarten this year and walk from door to door with the children with a lantern made at school while singing at each door to pick up sweets? Normally yes. This year it will be a bit exciting again with the increasing corona infections.

Sint Maarten can go on this year. There is, however, some advice by The Kennemerland Safety Region and GGD Kennemerland for residents and parents or supervisors:


You can decide yourself whether you want to participate in Sint Maarten. Do you want to? Put lights at the front door, so that it is clear that you are participating in Sint Maarten. Hand out prepackaged candy. Not participating? Put a note on the front door or don’t open it.


Keep the groups of children small and limit the number of accompanying adults. Keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other. As a group, keep 1.5 meters away from the door threshold. Only accept prepackaged candy.

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