Haarlem Rooftop Comedy May 2nd

Great comedy show in English at DeDAKKAS, with the skyline of Haarlem as set.

The Haarlem Comedy Factory & DeDAKKAS invite you for our popular Rooftop Comedy in our sustainable ”little theatre” on the Roof. 

Every first Thursday of the month, we host a special evening with performances from local and international established comedians and new talents .

This edition features Mino van Nassau, Andréa van der Meel, Marcos Cirino, Arjun Sharma, Daniel de Mik, Kevin Samuel, Vitaliy Krasovskiy and our beloved mc Richard Walker.

The show is in English.


Mino van Nassau

Mino van Nassau is a stand up comedian, writer and entrepreneur. Mino is a veteran of the comedy scene and has rocked the stage all across the world in Spain, Dubai, United States, Belgium and Great Britain. He is a winner of several comedy awards and a finalist of the Funniest Person in the World by LaughFactory USA.

Richard Walker

I’ve been living in Amsterdam so long I thought I was Dutch but then I looked at my pass-port and it turns out I’m British. Sorry.

Vitaliy Krasovsky

I’m 22 and I’m a Ukranian refugee who’s decided that bombing on stage is still a more preferable alternative. A massive fan of dark humour and hopefully the next adopted son of Louis CK.

Arjun Sharma

Arjun is from India and, as per government regulations, an engineer. That hasn’t stopped him from blundering through life and into standup & fatherhood. Will work for a kindly glance, silks from the East, and an Oxford comma. He has performed all over the Netherlands and Belgium for the past couple of years. Has a face that launched a thousand ships and a body that won’t quit despite being asked politely. Always really tired.

Marcos Cirino

Marcos Cirino Seda is a 27 year old Puerto Rican comedian who is mastering the art of blowing your socks off. He wanted us to tell you that he wants to be known as “Your Friendly Neighborhood Puerto Rican”. He said: “Please put that in my bio, I’m begging you.”Family stories, life after hurricanes, and dating as a short king are just a few of the Aces up this guy’s sleeve. His humor is brought to you by an unbreakable spirit of adventure and a baby face that will guarantee you have a night to remember.

Andréa van der Meel

Hailing from Nieuw Zeeland and armed with a Dutch last name, Andréa embodies a delightful contradiction: The least looking and sounding Dutch person you’ll ever encounter.Embracing her self-proclaimed status as “aggressively single”, Andréa recounts her relatable dating tales as the deaf girl next-door, all-in pursuit of finding a Lord with a ring. Andrea’s popularity soared following a viral moment on Instagram where she shared her comical journey of learning Dutch using Duolingo. Her engaging storytelling, observations and jack-in-the-box style have captivated audiences, establishing her as a rising star in the Dutch comedy scene.

Kevin Samuel

Kevin is a person who is hard to get a read on, but he will let you get to know him by making you laugh. He has a very nonchalant but still curious view on things, and he doesn’t take life too seriously.


– 8:00- 8:30 PM: Doors open & Drinks.

– 8:30:10:00 PM: Comedy Show.

– 10:00-10:30 PM: Drinks for those who want to have a chat and a drink.

Online price €15


DeDAKKAS, on top of Haarlem. Go to and IN (literally) Parking De Kamp, take the elevator till the 6th floor to bar/restaurant DeDAKKAS. Follow the signs Haarlem Comedy Factory.DeDAKKAS is a green catering pavilion on top of the De Kamp parking garage in the center of Haarlem. On the roof, above all, you can enjoy the fantastic view of Haarlem’s city center.
From the pavilion and from the terrace you can see the monumental city center of Haarlem straight in front of you, with the dunes on the left, the domed prison on the right and right in front of you the Great St. Bavo Church, which towers over the roofs over the length of the nave.
Go to and IN (literally) Parking De Kamp, take the elevator till the 6th floor to bar/restaurant.


Online tickets: €15. Tickets at the door: €18.


Rooftop Comedy venue: DeDakkas

Rooftop Comedy at DeDAKKAS

Rooftop Comedy bar at DeDakkas

Rooftop Comedy at DeDakkas

Rooftop Comedy at DeDakkas

Rooftop Comedy DeDAKKAS Edo Berger

Rooftop Comedy DeDAKKAS Edo Berger

Haarlem Rooftop Comedy DeDAKKAS night

Rooftop Comedy DeDAKKAS

Rooftop Comedy DeDAKKAS night view

Rooftop Comedy DeDAKKAS night view