Above average warmth for February this week: 16 degrees

Tuesday will bring a mix of sunshine and dry spells before transitioning to rain and remarkably mild conditions starting Wednesday. Weather authorities KNMI and Weeronline predict temperatures reaching up to 16 degrees by Thursday February 15th, 2024. Despite a slight cool down next week, the weather remains unseasonably warm.

Expect sunnier skies in the southern regions on Tuesday, while elsewhere, clouds will intermittently obscure the sun. Northern areas may experience some light showers in the afternoon as clouds dominate. Temperatures will peak around 9 to 10 degrees Celsius, with a moderate southwesterly wind inland, strengthening along the coast and IJsselmeer.

By evening, expect increasing cloud cover from the west, heralding widespread rain and a damp Valentine’s Day on Wednesday. Despite the rain, temperatures will remain mild, ranging from 9 degrees on the Wadden Islands to 13 degrees in Noord-Brabant and Limburg.

Thursday morning will start with extended periods of rain followed by some drier intervals in the afternoon, albeit with limited sunshine. Nevertheless, it will be conducive for outdoor activities in the afternoon, as maximum temperatures range from 12 degrees in the north to a balmy 16 or 17 degrees in some southern locales. Friday’s forecast mirrors Thursday’s pattern, with morning rain giving way to a drier and milder afternoon, with temperatures hovering around 13 degrees.

Looking ahead to the weekend and the following week, expect continued variability in weather conditions, with temperatures remaining well above the seasonal average. Maximum temperatures are anticipated to reach around 10 or 11 degrees, while minimum temperatures won’t dip below 5 degrees, according to KNMI. This contrasts with the long-term average for the last ten days of February, which typically sees maximums around 7.4 degrees and minimums around 1.6 degrees Celsius.