Celebrating King’s Day from Home

It is officially the day the Netherlands turns orange. Flags fly high and everyone adorns orange items of clothing in preparation to honour the King’s birthday. This year all that will still be possible but without the partying on the streets. Instead, we must stay home and we can celebrate in our own way in our living rooms and from our balconies.

Koningsdag (King’s Day) is a national holiday in the Netherlands. Celebrated on 27 April, this date marks the public celebration for King Willem-Alexander’s birthday. The 2020 King’s Day will be one like no other due to the current coronavirus lockdown. This year, we celebrate Koningsdag Thuis – or King’s Day at home.

Many traditions of the day will continue – wearing orange, singing, playing games – just all from the safety of our own homes. And don’t forgot the national toast at 16:00!


Everyone in their own households will have ideas for fun and games. Here is the official national itinerary:

09:45 Church bells will ring out across the country

10:00 Singing the national anthem

11:00 Online marketplace

15:00 Singing for togetherness (concerts for the elderly in line with RIVM guidelines)

16:00 Join the national toast


Are you calling Woningsdag, Koningsdag Thuis or something else entirely? Whatever you decide, we hope you manage to enjoy the day by staying home and staying safe!