Far-right leader Geert Wilders wins Dutch election

Geert Wilders, a populist figure with an anti-Islam stance, secures a significant triumph in the Dutch election, expressing his commitment to establishing a governing coalition.

With nearly all ballots tallied, in a surprising turn of events that is poised to shake up European politics, the Freedom Party (PVV) led by him is expected to secure approximately 37 out of the 150 parliamentary seats—more than double its 2021 election count, as per exit polls.

Frans Timmermans’ Labour-Green alliance is projected to claim the second spot with 25 seats—a significant increase from its current 17. Dilan Yeşilgöz, the successor to outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte at the helm of the center-right VVD, faced substantial setbacks and is anticipated to secure 24 seats, a decrease of 10 from the previous election, according to preliminary results.

A victory for Wilders could potentially steer the Netherlands toward a noteworthy change in direction, following Rutte’s four consecutive centrist governments. The current question, however, revolves around whether other parties would be willing to collaborate with Wilders to form a coalition. Despite emerging as the largest party, he is likely to face challenges in securing an overall majority in parliament.

[Source: NOS on television]


Photo source: Geert Wilders’ Twitter account.