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Find Artistic Inspiration Following Your Relocation To Haarlem

Picture this: A stately windmill stands guard over a placid river, a charming town square fills with a lively festivity, and sand dunes wind for kilometres ending with an ocean view. What more could be necessary for artistic inspiration?

Located only 31 kilometres from the world famous city of Amsterdam, the town of Haarlem is home to many beatific sites to inspire the imagination.  If you have relocated to Haarlem, then you are aware of all the enchanting sights and experiences to be found. As well as the picturesque landscape there are museums to pique one’s creative sensibilities. Now that you are living in Haarlem, take a look around to find enough wonder and charm to inspire anyone from a novice to an accomplished artist.

World Class Art At Your Fingertips

At the Teylers Museum in Haarlem, you can see the work of the masters Michelangelo and Rembrandt.  Other paintings and drawings from the Romantic and Hague school are available for viewing. For a limited time, there is even an exhibit of work by Leonardo Da Vinci. If that isn’t enough to catch your attention, there is a section of the museum that is dedicated to natural science. Golden Age painter Frans Hals is featured in the museum which carries his name. The Frans Hals museum highlights his Golden Age portraits, as well as other Golden Age painters.  

Art In The Wind

Besides the multiple museums in Haarlem, there are plenty of sites to inspire artistically throughout the city. A highly noticeable local landmark is the Molen (windmill) de Adriaan. This windmill has been a part of the city since the 18th century. Although the original windmill unfortunately burnt down in 1932. Sketch away as you watch the river or try your hand at reproducing the features of this imposing and stately landmark.  

People Watching

If people watching is more inspiring to your inner Rembrandt, then look no further than the Grote Markt. Home to festivals, concerts and a thriving Saturday market, you will find plenty of fascinating faces to draw and to take inspiration from. With crowds ranging from small to extremely bustling during the Christmas market, you can choose what kind of experience you would like to encounter at the Grote Markt. Overlooking the market is the stately Grote Kerk cathedral.  Standing in the town square since the 14th century, the Grote Kerk is a beautiful and ornate piece of living history that will inspire cultured and refined art from its viewers.

Easy Riding

As you leave the city, there are plenty of kilometers of wild dunes to explore as you meander your way to the beach. Cyclists will have plenty to take in as they make their journey and one can even find highland cattle on the excursion to the sea. If nature inspires you, then this is one bicycle route that you will not want to miss. In the summer months, you can enjoy the excitement at one of the two beach clubs Zandvoort or Bloemendaal. In the winter months, take a more relaxed approach as you let nature speak to you.

Haarlem provides enough creative and artistic inspiration to satisfy any artist.  With all the museums, sites, and shops you will not be disappointed. Let Haarlem help you to unleash your inner artist today.