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How The Elderly Can Build Their Wealth

The Dutch government encourages seniors to live independently for as long as possible, which means the elderly have to rely on and manage their own finances and survive with the support of friends and family. For the elderly, managing their own personal finances provides a great sense of achievement. Just think about how you feel […]


Turning Your House into a Senior Friendly Home

The Netherlands is well known for its beautiful houses and stunning scenery. And in contrast to many other European cities, it is possible to find many two-or three-story homes with a scenic garden – just perfect for families with children and pets.  But for older people it is important to consider making a few changes to the […]


Outings with Oma & Opa – Simple ways to Support our Elderly

The Netherlands is uniquely progressive as it generally allows for an integrated consideration of all members of society, including the elderly. As expats settling into the Dutch way of life, you might notice how the national tram system creates safe travel spaces for senior citizens on the go, and how many community centers offer special programs of […]

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You should check in on your elderly neighbours

Has the West lost its ability to care for the vulnerable in society? Taking care of our own families is increasingly difficult in the 21st century; especially if some members live abroad and far away from other family members. The UK and many parts of the western world now operate in broken systems where many […]