Selling Your Home So You Can Move Up The Haarlem Property Ladder

So, you’ve been living in your Haarlem property for a few years and now want a bigger and grander place to call home. Well, now is the time to make the move as house prices in the Netherlands jumped by 8.8% in quarter two of this year, compared to the same period in 2017. However, with Haarlem being a hotspot for both Dutch families and the expat community, ensuring that you secure a house sale quickly while staying on your guard is the key to moving up the Haarlem property ladder.

Opt for a clean & minimalistic look

It goes without saying that your home must be clean and tidy in preparation for your sale. This also applies when taking photos to advertise your property online. Choosing a minimalistic look is wise too as buyers want to be able to imagine their own belongings in your home rather than see your items on every surface and wall. But, that doesn’t mean you need to pack up your entire expat life. Realtor magazine suggests removing half of the books from your bookcase and cutting down your knick-knacks and ornaments to just three before allowing buyers into your home.

Make sure your ‘For Sale’ sign stands out

The number of houses on the market across the Netherlands fell to their lowest level in 16 years during the first quarter of the year. However, demand for property is still high, especially for fellow expats. This is especially the case in Haarlem where homes are typically 38.52% cheaper than in neighbouring Amsterdam. Therefore, it’s vital you use real estate signs to alert people that your house is available and to lure them in. To really grab the attention of passersby, opt for a sign with a unique shape and design, such as a diamond or oval. It’s also worth choosing a laminated style so that it withstands all weathers.

Spruce your home up 

According to Numbeo, your city centre apartment could be worth as much as €4,108.33, therefore, you want to ensure that potential buyers are prepared to pay what its worth. Having moved to Haarlem a few years ago, it’s likely that the paintwork in your home will be a little scuffed and exterior features a little tired. It’s wise to invest a little cash in sprucing up your home to increase its curb appeal and overall look. Painting the front door a bold colour such as red or blue will instantly make your home stand out from any others on the market and will entice buyers in. Meanwhile, freshening up the paintwork in rooms which are the biggest selling points, including the kitchen and the master bedroom, will undoubtedly secure you a quick sale.

The Haarlem property market is booming right now. Therefore, if you’re keen to sell your home in order to move up the Dutch expat property market, make sure your home is clean and that you keep your personal belongings to a minimum. Meanwhile, a high-quality and unique real estate sign, along with some sprucing up will do wonders for your potential sale too.