Rise local coucil taxes: 9% Haarlem; 15% Haarlemmermeer

Some regions of the Netherlands are witnessing a significant surge in local council taxes this year, according to research conducted by the homeowners association VEH.

The average household is now facing a council services bill, covering expenses such as waste collection and sewage, amounting to €951, marking an increase of nearly 6% from the previous year, as reported by the lobby group on Wednesday.

Local taxes, including OZB, are determined based on official property values (WOZ), with notices detailing the charges being distributed to residents over the past few weeks. Property values, based on January 2023 assessments, have seen an average rise of 42%.

Among the largest cities, Rotterdam leads with a 12% increase in total local council taxes. Amsterdam experiences a modest 3% rise, while The Hague sees a 5% increase, Utrecht 9%, and Eindhoven 7%. Haarlem rise is 9% and Haarlemmermeer 15%. It’s advisable for residents to check your council with their respective councils for specific details.

In the affluent town of Bloemendaal, residents face an average annual local tax bill of €1,561, while the most economical place to reside is Rijssen-Holten in Overijssel, where the average payment amounts to €634.

Notably, in 50 council areas, the hike in local taxes surpasses 10%, with Baarle-Nassau, Gorinchem, Schiermonnikoog, and Heemstede witnessing increases exceeding 20%.