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The costs of hiding behind a mask.

WORKING HARD AND FEELING LONELY? Wanting to deliver high quality, come across as having it together, on top of it all, near perfect—this is my definition of “professional,” and it has been a lifelong strategy of mine.

What Prince Taught us about Defying Labels

More celebration than mourning I’m not typically much of a celebrity fan, which is why I’ve been surprised at just how rattled I’ve felt since hearing about Prince’s death. I can’t think of many other passings that would bring me into a mourning of sweet memories like this one, so I’ve been pondering about what’s […]

The Connecting Power of Anger

(Note: we’re continuing with the theme of anger, this time how it has the power to connect–with yourself and with others–with new communication skills.) If you’re anything like the old me, you’re probably confused at the notion that anger can be anything but disconnecting.

Staying connected with your partner while visiting family this summer

If you’re like me—and most other international couples—I’m guessing you can also find visits to extended family a super challenging experience. Particularly when that visit involves multiple days at a time. I’ve been focusing a lot of effort on staying connected with my partner during these visits. This has been my best one yet, and […]

Exploring and Experiencing Emotions in Frans Hals Museum Exhibition

Concerning the exhibit “Emotions – Painted Feelings in the Golden Age,” now showing at the Frans Hals Museum, some of the newspaper headlines I read were: “Emotions, by the Old Masters,” “Pain and Pleasure in the Golden Age,” and “Sigh, Emotions are so Difficult” (Haarlems Dagblad, 11 Oct, 2014). This last one really caught my eye […]

What us Women can learn from the Dutch

We’ve all heard the news that Dutch kids are ranked among the happiest in the world (please note that here “world” means developed countries only). But did you know Dutch parents are also ranked among the happiest, according to the UN’s first World Happiness Report? I suppose that makes sense . . .  as Rina […]

Identity and Living Abroad

In my work — personal coaching among internationals living in the Amsterdam region — the concept of identity gets talked about quite a bit. It can be tough uprooting from one’s community, leaving all things known and comfortable behind, starting over in a new country, one step at a time. What does it do to […]

Living Abroad and Making Connections

It’s been four and a half years since I settled into Haarlem with my family of four. We had a lengthy list of all the reasons why this immigration would be a positive thing for us and it has been for the most part.