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The costs of hiding behind a mask.

WORKING HARD AND FEELING LONELY? Wanting to deliver high quality, come across as having it together, on top of it all, near perfect—this is my definition of “professional,” and it has been a lifelong strategy of mine.

Exploring and Experiencing Emotions in Frans Hals Museum Exhibition

Concerning the exhibit “Emotions – Painted Feelings in the Golden Age,” now showing at the Frans Hals Museum, some of the newspaper headlines I read were: “Emotions, by the Old Masters,” “Pain and Pleasure in the Golden Age,” and “Sigh, Emotions are so Difficult” (Haarlems Dagblad, 11 Oct, 2014). This last one really caught my eye […]

Living Abroad and Making Connections

It’s been four and a half years since I settled into Haarlem with my family of four. We had a lengthy list of all the reasons why this immigration would be a positive thing for us and it has been for the most part.