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My troubles with Dutch stairs

Since I have been in the Netherlands, I have troubles with stairs. I fell down  from the stairs of my house several times, the last one just yesterday: I slipped down and  I made the last five steps with the lower back. I can assure you that it was very painful. I remember when I took […]

All roads lead to Rome

The first thing that struck me when I landed at Schiphol Airport, six years ago, was the habit of the Dutch to respect the speed limits. Anna, my wife, for example never exceeds 50 km p/h, which is the limit on local roads. After a while I realized that, even here, the roads are managed by […]

Haarlem CS

Haarlem CS (Central Station): origin, style, architectonic details, difference between Haarlem CS and railway stations in other cities, renovations, qualification as “Rijksmonument” (state monument) and decoration for both national as international blockbuster movies like “Zwartboek” and “Ocean’s Twelve”.

Jopenkerk in Haarlem turned into the Temple of Beer

The most amazing thing in Holland is the attitude to consider that nothing is useless.. and that everything can produce income taking on a new value in the function of a new activity. This concerns particularly the new destinations of old churches. Haarlem represents the attractive key example of a historical monument regeneration policy (for […]