Write it down! Dreams vs Plans.

I have never believed in wish lists, although I write them since I was fifteen. There were always quite vague points, such as “pumping up a press” or “get rid of acne,” but more recently, I have become more specific in my desires. Sometimes I am so brave that I allow myself to dream big.

But what is the difference between dreams and task lists? It turns out that dreams are not valid until they are spelled out in a paper. No wonder they say: dreams are plans in the mind, and plans are dreams on a paper. Therefore, if you are ready to take responsibility for your desires, read on.

Write everything you want to be realized.

Do not stop yourself with “whys and wherefores” just write. Then give this list a day or two and answer the following questions: do I really want this? Do I see implementation? If everything remains in harmony at this moment, move on and break each point into temporary subcategories: each dream should have a period of implementation: a month, three months, a half a year, a year or more.

Develop movement beacons.

If they are not designated, you can retreat, frightened by the unknown. It feels the same as the hike in the mountains when you freeze before the next step, but the moment you make it, it is clear where to go. Same thing with the plans. Create an action plan, indicate what obstacles, perhaps (!), you have to overcome and what is the due date. Terms are especially important, otherwise, dreams will remain dreams. There would be new landmarks and old dreams could cease to be important, but it only means you were insincere with yourself at some primary stages.

That is how my dream plan of a perfect body looks like:
I have a dream to have a nice body with a weight of 53 kilos till August 2018, to make this dream come true I created time beacons to understand what should I do and when. I have to visit the gym three times a week and eat no more than 2000 calories a day. By May, I should lose 5,5 kilos, by June 4 kilos more. So the extra 9,5 kilos are not scary anymore and I know that if I visit the gym three times a week and eat 2000 calories per day, I will reach my target.

Sometimes everything happens by itself, sometimes you need to work hard. But as soon as everything is consciously written on paper, prioritized and beacons are arranged – the system is launched. Just keep counting the falling stars and thank the Universe.

What are your plans for 2018?