Dutch coronavirus response: survey for internationals

A new survey aimed at internationals living in the Netherlands about how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting their daily lives has been issued by ICAP, the International Community Advisory Panel – which is an initiative put together by four long-standing members of the international community. Read on to discover more and take part in the survey!

Impact of coronavirus on the international community

When you moved to the Netherlands, I guess you weren’t expecting a global pandemic to hit while you were living here. We are often told what a great place it is to live – and grow up (see our recent article here) – and it is all true! Though, at times it can be tough being away from home and maybe sometimes you feel like your voice isn’t being heard.

This is where the International Community Advisory Panel (ICAP) comes in – providing a framework for communicating with and receiving input/feedback from the international community and assessing its diverse needs and concerns. In recent years, this organisation has undertaken surveys on education, housing, healthcare and work-related issues, with key findings available on the ICAP website. A new survey now focuses on the current pandemic.

Have your voice heard

Everyday life as we know it has been impacted this year by the coronavirus pandemic and who knows how long restrictions will continue. What are your thoughts on this whole situation? Now is your chance for you to have your say and have your voice heard.

ICAP has put out a call to internationals living in the Netherlands to take part in the new survey. The idea behind this is to identify the main issues that internationals are facing and find out what local governments and community organisations can do to help.

Take part in the survey by clicking here! 

Whether you want to share comments on the pandemic and its impact in terms of work or just your general way of life, all answers submitted will be strictly confidential – as it says on the organisation’s website: ‘The more people who take part in ICAP’s coronavirus survey, the more weight it will have, so please take a few minutes to answer the questionnaire – in complete confidence of course.’



Main photo: Illustration submitted for the United Nations Global Call Out To Creatives – help stop the spread of COVID-19; more details here (image credit: Laura Makaltses)