Let’s talk about hometowns: share your story!

Capitals, cities, towns, villages, neighbourhoods. We all come from somewhere and it’s time to discover each other’s hometowns – who knows, as a result we might put some new places that we have never heard of before on our bucket list! We are introducing our new feature and your input is invited.

The idea behind this new ‘hometown feature’ is for our expatsHaarlem readers to get involved and share insights about their hometowns. The plan is to regularly host a hometown story and through the power of words (and pictures), we can be transported to that place for a little while. We will be able to – at least for now – virtually travel to so many different and magical places.

Tell us about your town

So, whoever wants to get involved, we would love to hear from you. We invite you to answer the questions below and share them with us. It is that easy. Let’s start!

  1. Who are you, how long have you been living in the Netherlands and why did you move here?
  2. What is your hometown and where is it? Were you born there? How long have you lived there?
  3. Is it a big city or a small town? What is the population? How far is it from the main city/capital?
  4. What are some things in your hometown that are part of history? Is it famous for anything? Does anyone famous come from there?
  5. What is your favourite season in your hometown and why?
  6. What is the happiest memory you have from your hometown?
  7. Do you miss your hometown? What do you miss the most?
  8. What do you like most about your hometown? What would you like to change about your hometown?
  9. Do you think you will return to live there one day? Why or why not?
  10. How often do you visit your hometown and how do you spend your days there?
  11. What are the main attractions in your hometown and what would be your personal recommendations?
  12. What are the main traditions, festivals, traditional food and drink of your hometown?
  13. Do you find any similarities with the city you live now and your hometown? What is the biggest difference between them?

You are free to give us short, medium or long answers to the above questions and you can add anything else you want. Please copy and paste the above questions, fill in your answers and submit them via Facebook Messenger or by sending an email to info@expatshaarlem.nl. If you also wish to share some photos of you and/or your hometown, please do so!

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We are looking forward to hearing from you!

The idea is for expatsHaarlem readers to get involved and share insights about their hometowns