Fresh and authentic Indian food: India Corner in Haarlem (Photo: Stephi)

Fresh and authentic Indian food: India Corner in Haarlem

One of my great girlfriends, Carla brought me to her favorite restaurant some years ago. Her hair salon is located next door and she is used to coming for dinner to India Corner.

I felt like being at home as soon as we sat down. Miriam, the wife of the chef and owner, came to the table, took the time to listen what we liked and recommended us a dish. Carla does not like spicy food and she loves the Korma Chicken, a rich dish with a mango curry sauce. While we were waiting for our flavourful choice, we were served by the kind waiters, some crispy pappadum and dips.

Korma Chicken at India Corner

The first and forever chicken dish is the Korma chicken! The chicken is really juicy – with a real texture – and the sauce absolutely divine! Not spicy at all, so tasty! The sweet and non spicy mango sauce will just make up for experiencing the Indian cuisine, in case you are still doubtful. I’ve dreamed about this dish for weeks!!!! A real hit! We had some rice and naan with it.


These are typical flat bread with which Indian people complete all their dishes. These breads can be flavored with garlic, cheese, or anything like that, some sweet raisin and coconut…. I really recommend you to try it!


Finally for dessert, we shared a homemade mango kulfi, a kind of Indian ice cream,… really creamy and tasty.

Back to India Corner

I came back another day and tried chicken tandoori, lamb stew (amazing!) and fresh fish with a spicy sauce, sweetened with some yoghurt and mango lassi!
I also tried a new dish last week: Memories of Netrokoma. Some tiger prawns cooked with a beautifully tasty sauce an inherited memory from the chef when he was 17 years old. Just amazing!
Tiger Prawns at India Corner

Tiger Prawns at India Corner

All that I tried was obviously fresh – with good quality raw material – and cooked with passion! I’ve met the chef, Asif. He talks about his cuisine like an artist; an artist that loves to share his passion and take care of the guests as if they were at their home.


I cannot say anything else than, go try! You will love it… and the best part, is the bill! I really have the feeling that India Corner is the best Indian Restaurant of the Netherlands! Asif and Miriam welcome you every day (except on Mondays) with a smile, fresh and homemade Indian food cooked with passion and love!

This is one of the few restaurants where I come back again and again and always order the same addictive dishes, which might be even weirder!
For those who like to broaden their views, check the paintings exhibition. They renew it every 3 months. Now you can find paintings of an Argentinian painter, Leandro Manzo. Sensuality, passion and spiciness as the food! I hope you will like it.

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