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The International School Haarlem is opening their secondary school in 2018.

The International School Haarlem (ISH) is opening their secondary school department in September 2018. The demand for international education is greater than the municipality and school boards of IRIS and Solomon originally anticipated. For example, the primary school department, which opened its doors in September 2017 has already welcomed their 100th student!

The secondary school department will be located in the office building at Richard Holkade 2. The municipality has rented part of the ground floor of the office building at Richard Holkade for the upper primary and secondary school to use. The school at Schreveliusstraat 27 will remain in use for lower primary students. This summer the rooms at the Richard Holkade location will be adapted and reconfigured so that students can be welcomed at the start of the new school year. In 2015 the city council adopted a motion to stimulate the arrival of an international school. Starting in the next school year, about 210 pupils will follow international primary education and 50 pupils will be enrolled in international secondary education.


Alderman Jur Botter:

“It is fantastic that Haarlem can accommodate this school and can meet the growing demand for international education. Among other things, the arrival of the European Medicines Agency is creating additional demand for international education and Haarlem is an attractive place to live for expats in the Randstad. “


Truus Vaes, director of IRIS: “The explosive growth that the ISH has experienced in a short period of time shows that the school meets a need. Parents and pupils can look back with satisfaction on their first school year. We are therefore looking forward to the start of the secondary education department with enthusiasm and confidence. ”

In the coming period, the municipality and the school boards will make new agreements about the further growth of the school. In the long term, a permanent location will be sought for the ISH, because both the Schreveliusstraat and the Richard Holkade locations are temporary.


Press release from  ISH.

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