Most Netherlands residents worried about climate change

Three-quarters of Dutch concerned about impact of climate change.

Adults are more concerned about the consequences of climate change this year than in 2020. This is evident from research by statistics agency CBS among eighteen thousand respondents aged eighteen or older. More than four in five people think it is good that the government is involved in climate policy.

It is striking that 43 percent of older people are concerned about the consequences of climate change for future generations. This is only 30 percent among young people between the ages of 18 and 25. It also appears that 38 percent of women are very concerned about the climate, compared to 31 percent of men.

Women are most concerned about climate change consequences. Men are more concerned about the costs of climate policy.

Climate policy costs are more often the concern of men

In addition to the fear of the consequences of the climate, there are also concerns about the expenditure side of climate policy. 58 percent of adults indicate that they are concerned about this. In 2020 this was still 50 percent.

It is mainly men with at most a diploma at VMBO or MBO 1 level who are concerned about the costs. People from poorer households are also more concerned about the money going to climate policy.

A third of adults believe that it is the turn of larger countries such as China and the United States to implement strict climate policies first. Nearly three quarters believe that large companies, industry and aviation are doing too little to combat climate change. About half of those surveyed believe that citizens do not do enough themselves.

Dry Summers

People are most concerned about dry summers.

[Source: CBS Statistics Netherlands]