20 New Year resolutions

The start of a year is also when people evaluate what they have done during the past year and what they should change in the upcoming year: the so-called New Year resolutions. Here are 20 very common ones, numbered but not intentionally ranked in ascending order.

Which one is nr 1 for you?

1. Enjoy life to the fullest

Try an extreme sport

Laziness, lack of time, lack of courage?  Just a very small percentage of people are brave enough to really try one extreme sport out. Maybe some just like to talk about it but are in reality not even that interested.

16. Do something for charity

Do something for charity

It has been statistically proven that during Christmas, donations are several times higher than in any other part of the year. This year we were even more stimulated and ready to give, gotten enthusiast by of Special Request in Haarlem. But once the holiday is over and we return to our everyday reality, our generosity considerably decreases. We shouldn’t stop to help people, from poverty and illnesses. Or, in a little context supporting or just getting more interested in people and good causes around us.

17. Save money

Save money

18. Get rid of old clothes

Get rid of old clothes

The main problem with this resolution is that some people find themselves emotionally attached to clothes, especially their favorite, old pieces. This resolution is every year in my top ten: I am a disaster in putting old stuff away.

19. Spend less time on social media

Spend less time on social media

No explanation needed: recognisable for many of us. For some, logging in and checking their friends activities is one of the first things they do every morning.

20. Run a half or full marathon