The government has extended the leave regulation (Picture: Arianna Ardia)

The government has extended the leave regulation

If a mother dies during giving birth to her child, the father will get from now on her maternity leave. This should ensure that the newborn can count on the care of a parent in the first period of his life. This plan of the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment Asscher was approved by the Cabinet today. According to the minister this situation occurs on average 25 times a year.

Two extra days paternity leave

Also the paternity leave is extended. At the moment fathers have two days of paternity leave. These will be extended with three unpaid days of leave. The employer can not refuse this extra leave.

Neo daddy Marco (Photo: Arianna Ardia)

Neo daddy Marco (Photo: Arianna Ardia)

Care leave for friends and acquaintances

Besides, the Cabinet has decided to expand the right of care leave to working care providers of friends and acquaintances. At the moment, care providers can only apply for care leave when it concerns a sick partner, child or parent.

The right to care leave is now only granted if the person to take care of has a life-threatening illness. Later, the right to care will be available for all types of care.

The Cabinet reviews the regulations because people have more and more care tasks, which make combining work and care difficult. Too many people stop working or work shorter because of extra care tasks. This is what the government want to counteract. That’s why the government has decided to approach people with the expansion of the leave regulations.

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  1. Arianna
    Arianna says:

    Finally!, I thought. But paternity leave will be: from 2 to 3 and also unpaid days. Are we joking? Dutchies call this ‘iemand blij maken met een dooie mus’. Especially for expat mothers with no family here paternity leave is essential. Sure we get kraamzorg, but once those precious few days are gone we need to rely on our partners. Paternity leave should be a week. At least!

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