Happy Mother's Day! (Picture: Arianna Ardia)

Happy Mother’s Day!

Moederdag or Mother’s Day in the Netherlands is always the second Sunday of May: this year on May 14th. What, how, since when, ideas for Mother’s Day, what to write in Dutch on a Mother’s Day card. And… a drawing. Download and let your kid(s) colour it.

Like in the rest of the world, Mother’s Day in the Netherlands is a day when we stop and give thanks to the rocking ladies who have ever filled the role of mother, in whatever capacity that may be (I know families who use to include Grandmothers and even heard of some including Godmothers in the celebrations). A day of pampering and cuddles from your little ones and your partner of course. It’s a day to put mum in the spotlight because, let’s face it: most days aren’t… Mum is usually too busy running around taking care of everyone else to stop and stand in the spotlight!

Mother’s Day was invented in 1908 by Anna Jarvis in the United States. This holiday has since then been spread in its present form from the United States to the rest of the western world. Mother’s Day has been celebrated in the Netherlands since 1925 (if Wikipedia is to be believed). The most important goal of the day was and is today to pamper mom. For example, preparing breakfast in bed, giving her gifts and taking her household tasks over. Do not forget to do that! ;-).

Last year I was spoiled with a rather sensational breakfast and a great drawing of my toddlers.

Ideas for Mother’s Day

Flowers? No other ideas for Mother’s Day? The Dutch Mother’s Day website has many! I especially was surprised by the Dutch Mother’s Day songs, I didn’t know there were some. In addition there are many tinker ideas. And recipes. Very little children? Download the drawing I’ve attached for your convenience and make your son/daughter to colour it. The kid can use his/her favourite colours and mummy will be very enthusiastic about this unique present ;-).

Daddies: what to write on Mother’s Day cards? (in Dutch?)

For the non-Dutch speaking mothers appreciating to receive Mother’s Day cards in Dutch, here are some Moederdag vocabulary words along with some Moederdag messages.


Mother’s Day – Moederdag
mother/mum – moeder/mama
child(ren) – kind(eren)
father/dad – vader/papa
parent(s) – ouder(s)
love – liefs

Card Message Ideas

Dank je voor alles, mama – Thank you for everything, mummy
Voor de liefste mama – For the sweetest mummy
Lieve Mama – Dear Mama/Mommy
Fijne Moederdag – Happy Mother’s Day
Mijn moeder – My mum
Moeder en kind – Mother and child
Voor mij ben jij de liefste mama van de hele wereld – To me, you’re the sweetest mum in the whole world
Dikke kus – Big kiss
Duizend kusjes – A thousand kisses
Veel liefs – Lot’s of love
Ik hou van je, Mama – I love you Mama/Mommy
Je bent de allerliefste mama die er is – You’re the very sweetest (best) mum there is
Boeket voor mama – Bouquet for Mama/Mommy
Geniet ervan – Enjoy

Wherever you are and however your children will mark this day, I hope all you lovely mothers will have a great day with your families – particularly those for whom this will be their first Mother’s Day!!

Moederdag kleurenplaat

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    In het artikel staan allerlei tips voor moederdag: knutselideen, recepten, liedjes, zinnen om een moederdagkaart in het Nederlands te schrijven en een kleurplaat om te downloaden en door je kindje te laten kleuren. Wacht dus niet tot moederdag om het te lezen.

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