America first, make Netherlands second because they requested it!

America first, make Netherlands second because they requested it

Let’s make the Netherlands second.  (we asked first!)

Introduction video

Many of you read our post about the magnificent introduction video to the Netherlands, geared uniquely towards the new Big Man, Donald J Trump, and went to watch the video afterwards. Well, you weren’t the only one. In the hardly 3 days the little movie has been online millions and millions of people watched it, a lot of them coming from the land of the great yellow-haired leader.

We the people

We the people is a special website of the US government, where people can create petitions – about basically anything – for others to sign. When a petition gathers 100,000 signatures (just leave your name and e-mail address) in 30 days, the government has to look at it and come with a reaction.

Netherlands second

Now someone (“P.O.”) thinks it’d be no more than fair if the Netherlands would officially be entitled to call themselves “second”:

The Netherlands has requested, within the scope of the new America first initiatives, to be simply: second. They don’t want us to forget about them. So the White House should give them a call. 2nd place is open, and they asked nicely before anyone else. We’ll make them great too. We can do it.

Of course we agree wholeheartedly. So please go to that site and sign the petition. Let’s make the Netherlands great too!