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About basil and lavender’s roots

Since I became an emigrant, I’ve been often asked where I’m from. I come from Italy, is my answer. Yes, but from where? I totter. From the North. From the mountains. Then I keep talking and I say that I’m from a small village and no, there’s no chance you’ve heard about it before. It […]

Home is a place you can tell about…

He was a chubby kid. He wasn’t pretty but with one of those faces with regular features and intense eyes that will always let him find a girlfriend. I would look at him even with please if he wouldn’t have had his ass nailed on the bench. It’s dark, it’s cold and I’m eager to go […]

Are Dutch men the worst lovers in Europe?

Do you know the feeling when you think there’s something wrong with you but you’re actually convinced that the problem is the other person?This is what I felt the first time I experienced the Dutch way of making love. Same story the second time, the third… and pretty much all the other occasions I got the chance to […]