Christmas Commercial AH (Albert Heijn) from Bloemendaal and Overveen

The Christmas Commercial is recorded in “our” Bloemendaal and Overveen. Nice!

The thought of the commercial … At Christmas dinners you show how important family is to you. But what do you do when someone can not there be? Then you start up everything to get it done. It’s time for the warmest days of the year.

Critical point: not really distinctive.

Besides, it is remarkable that not Harry Piekema but the ‘family feeling’ this time is central in the AH Christmas Campaign. Harry Piekema, since years the face of AH, only plays a small roll at the end. It seems that Harry gets gradually phased out and maybe it will disappear?

It looks time for a change. Let that new advertising agencies and new ideas come! The setting in the Harlem neighborhood can be kept 😉

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