Remember Me: not your everyday holiday movie

Fat Guy

“I am a bearded fat guy in red and I approve this message”

Ho ho ho!

As the days of Christmas are creeping up against us, so are bad, bad music (one word: Wham) and cheesy movies in the category: Boy loses girl, boy works hard to win girl back and in the end they’re happily back together, all this surrounded by snow flakes, unnatural-green fake-snow-covered trees, bearded fat guys in red suits and the previously mentioned bad, bad music (another word: Eeew). Something you watch absent-mindedly while recovering from too much food, too many drinks and too much instant-happiness. Something you could watch every year again without noticing it’s the same frikkin’ thing you saw last year.

You think of me so I am

Looking for an alternative this year? Try Remember Me, a short film by French director Jean-François Asselin. It’s a short tale about narcissism and the constant need of confirmation of our existence (“You think of me so I am”), fed by social media. While a little exaggerated, I think we all know someone (maybe you!) like the main character.

So our tip for the coming days: Wear your huge headphones to block out all jingle bells, find yourself a quiet corner and 15 minutes of your time and watch Remember Me. Trust us: you won’t regret it.

Happy holidays!

Remember Me from Jean-François Asselin on Vimeo.