energy lable

Actually, in 2008 it was already mandatory but, as it was rather complicated and no one was checking if you had it or not, everyone sort of agreed to ignore it! 


From 1 January 2015 all properties in the Netherlands need an energy label. If you try to sell or rent your property without a DEFINITE label then you (if you are the owner of the property) could be fined up to € 450.- This time they will be spot checking!

What is it?

It is a certificate to show how energy efficient (or not!) the property is.

How do I know if my property already has one?

You can check your property on the website:

You may have a ‘voorlopig’ or temporary label. This is issued by the government based on age of the property and m3 etc. This is fine if you are not planning on selling or letting right now. Be warned! This is not enough to be able to sell or let your property, you will need a ‘definitief’ label.

How do I get a ‘definitief’ label?

By now you should have received….receive a letter from the government telling you all about it.  Your property will be issued with a provisional certificate.  You need your DigiD (the digital ID you use to submit your tax, benefits and all sorts of other government issues) to submit and amend the specific details of your particular property; roof insulation, double glass, solar panels etc. This is then sent to an independent expert of your choice, who is qualified to assess your application without having to visit the property (there will be a not too great charge)

Alison Mills

Alison Mills

Property rental agent at Lighthouse Property
Alison was born and raised in South London. Most of her early career she was based in the West End of London, travelling worldwide, in particular to America and the Caribbean, holding various positions in Sales and Marking for Marriott Hotels. She moved to the Netherlands in 2000, raised 3 children and in 2002 she began working in Expat property rentals for an NVM estate agent.
In 2011 she started Lighthouse Property Services with a former colleague, Estate agent Renée Hanssen. Although now she speaks Dutch fluently and is fully integrated in the local community, Alison remains proud to be a British Expat! She has a great network and many wonderful friends within the Expat community.
Alison Mills