Date Night

Not your everyday date night ideas.

There’s nothing wrong with the classic dinner date or going to the movies. But it gets old after a while. And they can make for awkward first dates if you’re strangers or if communication was wearing off between long-term partners. To spice up your date night, you might want to consider these quirky alternatives.

Escape Room Games

One of the trendiest and adventurous ideas in recent years for date night is being locked up in a purpose-designed room then working together to break out. You accomplish this by solving puzzles and finding clues hidden within the room to get the key or crack a code that opens the door.

Escape rooms offer an awesome adventures games bonding experience and are even the new favorites for corporate team building activities. For a couple, the experience nurtures the team spirit and promotes the strengths of each partner.

Upon escape, most couples find that the experience opened communication channels in a fun way. The added adrenaline of beating the clock always adds excitement that lasts long after the escape.


YouTube Karaoke

Would you like to organize a highly charged and exciting date at home? Then YouTube karaoke may be for you. This works for a date for two, a double date, or even a group party. Simply log on to YouTube, select your favorite playlist, and you’re good to go.

To make it even more exciting, attach a good microphone with external speakers and use the YouTube Karaoke desktop app to remove the vocals on the audio and display the songs’ lyrics. This can be an inexpensive yet very participatory fun activity.

Attend A TED Talk

Do you remember those days when you were still discovering each other? The hot topics and debates on everything under the sun. From fashion, politics, religion, the Kardashians, to racing NASCAR, you and your significant other probably shared lots of stimulating conversations.

Attending a TED event can relive these memories and bring back that passionate discourse. It may also map a path to renewed self-discovery or create new passions for you as a couple.

Dine In The Dark

Almost every major city nowadays has a concept restaurant offering you the chance for this unique dining experience. When you arrive at a Dining in the dark restaurant, you’re required to check in all light sources or leave them in assigned lockers. These include phones, watches, and torches if for some reason you carried one into a restaurant.

Diners then get to taste a 3 to 5-course meal completely in the dark. Most dining in the dark restaurants only hires blind or partially-sighted wait staff. The chefs use strong flavors and highly contrasting textures to titillate your palate.