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Don’t forget to be kind to your skin

Even though we are staying indoors and not getting as much fresh…
How healthy is your relationship with

Fighting Flu with the Power of Nature

Did you manage to escape the flu epidemic in the Netherlands…
Body scrubs

Body scrubs

Body scrubs feel luxurious, smell delicious and leave the skin…
Barbary Fig Seed Oil - The New "It" Oil

Barbary Fig Seed Oil - The New "It" Oil

(Face) oil is a heavenly experience for the skin. No wonder the…
(Image: Carol Rossetti)

10 Empowering Illustrations to Remind Everyone Who's Really in Charge of Women's Bodies

When Brazilian graphic designer Carol Rossetti began posting…
Beach Body Diet Tips (Photo: Fitness Magazine)

Beach Body Diet Tips

With the summer sun heating things up, it’s time to shed those…