expatshaarlemtshirtBeen there, done that…

But did you get the t-shirt, huh?

Most of you have probably seen our own Arianna walking around in her exclusive expatsHaarlem t-shirt. Since she was one of the founders, this shirt came to her on her birthday. Side-effect was that it’s easy to get recognized on drinks, walks or other events. Many times we heard: “Hey, I want one too!”

If you are amongst the people who want to show you are with us, now is the chance to order your very own piece of expatsHaarlem clothing!

Show you are with us!

For less than 15 euros you can become the proud owner of the original expatsHaarlem t-shirt. Get one for yourself, order one for an upcoming birthday or dress your entire sports team in it.

So hop over to the order page, choose whether you want a hoodie, a men’s or women’s shirt and dress yourself in our colors.