My top 10 terraces in Haarlem for the summer

Top 10 Terraces in Haarlem

Sunset at Zuidam

In the Netherlands, people are so anxious to sunbath that when the sun is showing up you can find everywhere in the streets improvised terraces in front of the doors. This is the Dutch way! In the Netherlands, let’s be really clear, sun is a scarce resource! So, when the sun is up, everybody is out!

My top 10 terraces in Haarlem is based on an extended bar and restaurants crawling study to bring you the best of Haarlem for the summer!

If you do not want to build up a terrace at your front door, you will just go out to look for a nice place where to enjoy the sun and have a drink or a bite.

These are my favourite 10 places in my lovely (lovely when it’s sunny!) Haarlem!

1. Zuidam: This is just the best terrace to go in the evening as it is the one in Haarlem where you have longer sun! This is a tip coming from a Haarlemmer. This is a perfect scenery with the Adriaan windmill behind and the Spaarne river in front of you where you can just watch the boats passing by… and I have to say that I love to go here for a nice diner with Aix rosé wine and good friends.

2. Jopenkerk: This is one of my favourite spots during the whole year and the new square just gets alive now with the restaurants around. It is just really nice to sit on the terrace and enjoy a Jopen beer!

3. Stadstrand de Oerkap: This is the coolest place in town, or how to bring the beach in the city! This is a kind of funnier and funky version of the French Paris Plage!

Kids playing on the terrace

Oerkap bar, the city beach of Haarlem

4. Vijfhoek Café: This one is another winner and so close from my home that it is like my terrace… De Vijfhoek area is always this mix of cool and trendy people and the whole neighbourhood is there. It is just like being at home with lots of friends! I really love the atmosphere!

5. Café Studio: This is my best place on the Grote Markt, besides the Fortuyn, because it has also longer sun than the rest of the terraces!

6. Spaarne 66: Another great and cool spot along the Spaarne river with nice food!

7. Stempels: The best thing from Stempels is the huge terrace where you will easily find a spot for you when everywhere around is packed! The problem is that waiters are not enough efficient,… but you cannot have everything!

8. Het Wapen van Bloemendaal: This is a great option for an iced cold beer after work. The terrace is small but the beer is just perfect!

9. ‘t Kantoor: I love the fact to be in the middle of the shopping street, seated in the sun enjoying some good beer or wine and nice tapas.

10. In Den Swarten Hondt: What I love from this place, is the location – on the Spaarne – and the tables are settled till the border of the river. This is just great to sit here and relax after a hard day watching the boats…

So enjoy the summer, enjoy beautiful Haarlem and see you for a toast on one of these terraces! If it is sunny, I will probably be there! And if you know another great place around, pleaaaaaaaaaaaassssse share it with us! 



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