Ukraine Liberation Orchestra

The Ukraine Liberation Orchestra plays for hope & peace at the Koepel!

Five students from Ukraine and Russia who attend Haarlem Campus, gathered art by Ukrainian artists to show on four screens while the courageous melodies of the Ukraine Liberation Orchestra will fill the Koepel, on Sunday 24th September at 11:00 am.

The beautiful “Ukraine in Concert” with popular classical music, with seats on every floor of De Koepel, is consisted of top musicians who have fled Ukraine because of the war. They use all their courage, hope and talent to play in this big orchestra and raise money for the heavily damaged conservatory in Kharkiv. They have already performed brilliantly in many places in the Netherlands.

“This amazing orchestra should not have existed,” says the conductor of the orchestra Jeroen Weierink.

“We are organizing this exhibition because we feel that there is a need to shed a different light on the war in Ukraine,” said Max Pover, one of
the students behind the exhibition. “With art you can make it personal, see the war from a different perspective.”

“The appearance of solidarity and togetherness is important to the world,” says Timo Timmerman, CEO of Haarlem Campus.

Don’t miss this beautiful event that will bring harmony and hope for peace in your heart, while helping the people who suffer the most because of this war.

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  • Date: September 24
  • Time: 11:30 am – 12:45 pm (reception from 11 am)
  • Entrance adults: €15.00
  • Entrance up to 18 years or students: €10.00