kunstlijn Haarlem

Kunstlijn Haarlem 2023

Kunstlijn Haarlem 2023 two weekends dedicated to art.

In the first weekend of November, the city transforms into a large cultural temple in which visual arts take center stage. Kunstlijn Haarlem offers the opportunity to take a look at the artist in his studio. In addition, there are surprising presentations in galleries, museums, churches, shops and more! Kunstlijn Haarlem has been encouraging the sale of art objects every year since 1985.

Note: Since 2022, the Kunstlijn has had two consecutive weekends in early November, during which studios and exhibitions can be visited.

Discover Haarlem’s vibrant art scene as talented artists oen wide their doors and welcome you to their artistic oases. Enjoy various art forms, from breathtaking paintings to intriguing sculptures and surprising photography. Be inspired by exhibitions, performances and interactive workshops.


De Kunstlijner

The organization of the Kunstlijn publishes a newspaper with brief information about the event and the maps. Available during the event at Kunstcentrum Haarlem, VVV and most major participating exhibition spaces.



Saturday 4 November

Sunday 5 November

Saturday 11 November

Sunday 12 November


Multiple places in Haarlem