DUTCH TO THE RESCUE with Greg Shapiro at Amsterdam Brewery

Combine one of the best international comedians in The Netherlands with one of the best specialty beers in The Netherlands, and you get a blast of an event: that’s DUTCH TO THE RESCUE with Greg Shapiro at de Prael Houthavens Beer Brewery in Amsterdam! On Saturday 4 february at 7:30 pm. With a special Comedy Food & Beer offer!


with Greg Shapiro, The American Netherlander.

Who do you call when you need a sea wall? The Dutch.

Which country’s thriving with sea levels rising? The Dutch.

Who brings you luck when your container ship’s stuck? The Dutch.

When it comes to Climate Change, the Netherlands has a lot of answers to world’s challenges. But they don’t like to talk about it. Yes, Dutch people are producing the world’s first solar-powered car, creating lab-grown meat, cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch… but they don’t like to brag. The Netherlands is like a superhero obsessed with their secret identity.

Enter The American Netherlander! Greg Shapiro is Dutch enough to be proud of the Netherlands – and American enough to not care how loud he is about it.

DUTCH TO THE RESCUE is Greg Shapiro’s seventh solo show. Previous shows include Leaving Trumpland and How to Be Orange.

Greg Shapiro

Comedian. American. Dutchman. As a comedian, he is known as the voice of the ‘Netherlands Second’ video – and as one of the originals at Boom Chicago theater in Amsterdam. He has hosted ‘Comedy Central News’ on ComedyCentralNL, and he has appeared on BNN-VARA, VPRO & ZDF.

As author, Greg has written books such as How to Be Dutch: the Quiz and his latest The American Netherlander: 25 Years of Expat Tales. His new book is Author of ‘The American Netherlander: 25 Years of Expat Tales’.

Featured photo by Gerrit de Heus.

Reviews Greg Shapiro

‘4 Stars’ – De Volkskrant

‘Critic’s Choice’ – Theaterkrant

‘Razor sharp humor with a personal touch’ – TheaterParadijs

‘The laughs just keep coming’ – camedyNL

‘Shapiro is a comedy icon’ – TimeOutAmsterdam

‘jokes were well-sculpted and wide-ranging.”; “engaging with the audience, they were quick, provocative and pugnacious.’- ArtsTalkMagazine.nlGreg Shapiro media


Doors open at 7: 00 PM. Show at 7:30 PM. The bar is open during the whole event. Why don’t you come some earlier to taste the mytical BEET DOGS with specialty beer of De Prael Houhavens?


Tickets: €12.50 online | €15.00 at the door. Student tickets: € 7.00 (show your student card at the door).



De Prael is an Amsterdam brewery founded in 2001 with the plan to brew beer and thereby give people distanced from the labour market the opportunity to work. De Prael stands for so much more than just beer. People & beer, a perfect combination. That’s what it’s all about at De Prael. Some work seven days, others seven minutes, but everyone is part of the same big family.

The spacious tasting room at De Prael Houthavens is the place to be for tasting, lunch, dinner and our delicious home-brewed Amsterdam beer. They also provide guided tours of the brewery for those who want to know a little more about the brewing process.