Saturday Fun October

Haarlem Comedy Factory – Saturday Fun Saturday 22 October

Join us for the best Saturday night laughs and giggles!

 We have a line-up of established names and new talent from all over the world. On stage: Ronan Brosnan (Ireland), Socrates Inglessis (U.S.A), Emily Higginson (U.S.A.), Aleksandr Pereverzev (Georgia), Alan Knaani (Jewish-American).

Online ticket price: €12,00 (€ 13,78 including Eventbrite transaction costs); €15 at the door.


  • 7:30- 8:00 PM: Doors open. We are open from 20:00 for drinks at the bar beforehand. The Comedy Bar will also be open during the break and after the comedy.
  • 8-9:15 PM: Comedy Show.
  • 9:15-9:30 PM: Drinks for those who want to discuss the comedy or just have a chat and a drink.


Ronan Brosnan

Considered tall in his native land of Ireland, Ronan has taken to standup since mov-ing to Amsterdam to cope with his newfound vertical mediocrity.

Socrates Inglessis

Socrates Inglessis, born in southern New Jersey in the US of A back in the ’60’s man! Since 2009 Socrates has been a born-again Dutchman living in Amsterdam and loving it daily. He says dumb stuff on stage, and some if it may seem funny to some people, some of the times. Those are the ‘jokes’, the rest is just filler. This bio is pure filler and does not represent any of Socrates’ ‘jokes’.

Emily Higginson

Emily Higginson is a young comedian from America, but don’t hold that against her. Friends have described Emily as “an average performer” and “kind of funny I guess”. Emily has described herself as “very tall” and “extremely funny”.

Aleksandr Pereverzev

Originally from Georgia, already doing standup for 3 years in Switzerland, Georgia, Russia, Germany and now in the Netherlands. I also was an invited co-median for a BBC arts hour on tour live podcast.

Alan Knaani

A neurotic, nebbish, overly pedantic Jewish-American comic? Wow, what a trendsetter. Alan Knaani decided against ‘breaking the mold’ because honestly who’s gonna clean up that mess. Watch this wisecracking mess of a person take a personality that should be fixed with medication and use it for some good old-fashioned comedy.


The Comedy’s venue is the monumental building Badhuis/Bathhouse.

The Badhuis was built in 1903 to a design by the architect S. Roog. This second public bath in Haarlem served as a bathhouse for the citizens of the Leidsebuurt, a working-class neighborhood that developed from 1876 on the western edge of Haarlem. It served until 1979. The Badhuis will now be turned over in a cozy comedy spot.