Haarlem Rooftop Comedy – Fall

The Haarlem Comedy Factory & DeDAKKAS invite you for our popular Rooftop Comedy 🤣😃 in our sustainable ”little theatre” on the Rooftop. This edition we welcome fall with lots of laughs.

Every first Thursday of the month, we host a special evening with performances from local and international established comedians and new talents .

Big Comedy Terrace outside to chill before, in the break and after the show.

On stage: Carly Blair (U.S.A); Karan Karthik (India), Hayden Young; Juanita Coble (The Netherlands and U.S.A), Emily Higginson (U.S.A); Alan Knaani (U.S.A.)


– 8:00- 8:30 PM: Doors open & Drinks.

– 8:30:10:00 PM: Comedy Show.

– 10:00-10:30 PM: Drinks for those who want to have a chat and a drink.

Online price € 12,50 €15 at the door. Student ticket €7.


Carly Blair

I’m a not-your-typical-American American who’s been trying to shove my square peg-shaped self into Amsterdam’s round hole with admirable, or perhaps foolish, persistence for the last decade or so.

Emily Higginson

Emily Higginson is a young comedian from America, but don’t hold that against her. Friends have described Emily as “an average performer” and “kind of funny I guess”. Emily has described herself as “very tall” and “extremely funny”.

Karan Karthik

Karan is an Indian who’s psychologist, polyamorous and a life coach. If that doesn’t scream out wannabe sex guru, we don’t know what else does. He still possesses the stereotypical qualities of your regular Indian guy: he’s an engineer, likes spicy food, wears flip flops and worked in a call center before. So, you may ask why he’s here today? To get more followers for his cult! Because when you work with people for more than 10 years, there is so much content you ‘d be stupid not to fiddle around a hobby as a standup comedian with it! Therefore, he’s not really a funny guy, he just finds things funny and is hoping to be laughed at more than laughed with

Hayden Young

I’m from Texas but don’t hold it against me. I don’t own guns, I don’t ride a horse but dammit I do love Country music. My comedy has been described as what you would get if you combined a person telling a fairy tale to a child while holding an extremely pessimistic outlook on life.

Juanita Coble

Coble is half Dutch and half American.

Her humor is edgy and not what you would expect from a lady. But she is.

55 + and still acting like a teenager, searching for answers about love, life and living in Amsterdam.

Alan Knaani

A neurotic, nebbish, overly pedantic Jewish-American comic? Wow, what a trendsetter. Alan Knaani decided against ‘breaking the mold’ because honestly who’s gonna clean up that mess. Watch this wisecracking mess of a person take a personality that should be fixed with medication and use it for some good old-fashioned comedy.


Online tickets: €15. Tickets at the door: €17,50.

Online price € 12,50 €15 at the door. Student ticket €7.


DeDAKKAS, on top of Haarlem. Go to and IN (literally) Parking De Kamp, take the elevator till the 6th floor to bar/restaurant DeDAKKAS. Follow the signs Haarlem Comedy Factory.


Rooftop Comedy venue: DeDakkas

Rooftop Comedy at DeDAKKAS

Rooftop Comedy bar at DeDakkas

Rooftop Comedy at DeDakkas

Rooftop Comedy at DeDakkas