Haarlem Vynil Festival

Haarlem will be the setting for the world’s first vinyl festival for three days in September 2023. Vinyl lovers from all over the world can attend the first Haarlem Vinyl Festival this year.

From September 29 to October 1, 2023, the city of Haarlem is the destination for enthusiasts, artists, collectors, makers and music professionals who care about black gold. The organization expects to welcome at least 15,000 visitors during the first edition during the first vinyl festival in the world.

The Haarlem Vinyl Festival program includes a live music and art program, a conference and a large record fair, where visitors can find old and new gems. More than 100 artists are expected to perform in three days, on various stages and other locations throughout the city.

PHIL café is the beating heart of the festival. You have free access to the PHIL café all day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Come have a bite to eat and a drink and enjoy the free performances by DJs and bands.

Find the program on the Vynil Festival website.