International School Haarlem

International School Haarlem has chosen Op Stoom as their childcare partner

Are you looking for an International School and English speaking after school care in Haarlem? From the beginning of the new school year (2017-2018) this will be possible. The International School of Haarlem (ISH) and childcare Op Stoom are working together to create an innovative and engaging educational and childcare concept in the old Volkuniversiteit building situated just off the Leidsevaart in Haarlem.


Partnership International School of Haarlem (ISH) & Op Stoom

This is the first English language before and after school care in Haarlem and like the ISH, Op Stoom will also have native English speakers employed. We are very proud that the ISH have chosen to work with us and are busy with further plans to enhance our concept. The ISH and Op Stoom will work together using the International Primary curriculum (IPC), an approach that aims to help children learn and develop through fascinating, engaging and meaningful activities and lessons. Themes will be used to help provide lots of room for children’s individual input as this helps to stimulate their thoughts on how and what they will learn.


Op Stoom

Op Stoom has around 20 years of experience in providing loving and inspirational childcare with creative, passionate and enterprising employees. They distinguish themselves by their innovative educational vision. They currently have 60 childcare facilities in cities such as Haarlem, Heemstede and Hoofdorp and will be opening their latest in Haarlem at the ISH on the Schreveliusstraat in September 2017.

For further information please contact Op Stoom:


Partnership International School of Haarlem (ISH) & expatsHaarlem

The International School of Haarlem (ISH) is also partner of expatsHaarlem.

the Haarlem International School

Ben Cüsters, Chairman of the school board at Stichting Salomo and initiator of the project International School Haarlem, and Arianna Ardia-Wenink,  founder of expatsHaarlem.