Terraces in Haarlem open on 1 June with ten golden terrace rules

The terraces may open again on 1 June. That is good news for the catering industry and the city. The municipality of Haarlem has drawn up ten golden terrace rules to enable the necessary expansion during the current restrictions. With the golden rules, entrepreneurs can start immediately. The rules apply from 1 June to 15 October or as long as the 1.5 metre guideline is in force, and are part of a larger package of measures in public space.

Because 1.5 meters must be kept between guests and staff, more space is needed to expand the terraces. This presents practical dilemmas in a historic city centre with limited space. The golden terrace rules take immediate account of (road) safety, accessibility and our health. This makes it possible to widen the terraces and thus reduce the loss of income.

Broadening terraces requires creativity

Widening requires creativity from the catering industry and the municipality, as well as understanding and support from residents.

Terrace counter and terrace team

With the golden rules an entrepreneur can see for him/herself how to make the terrace more spacious without a complicated application. Because not every location is the same, a decision tree has also been drawn up that helps determine what is possible at which location. To quickly answer any ambiguities and questions, the municipality has set up a terrace team, which can be reached by email at: terras@haarlem.nl.

Yellow heart route: keeping 1.5 metres distance

The golden rules are part of a broader package of temporary measures with which the City Commission wants to ensure that as much distance as possible can be kept at the busiest places in the city. These will be implemented in phases from 1 June, starting with ‘yellow hearts’ marking with which welcoming directions are indicated in the centre, Generaal Cronjéstraat, Amsterdamstraat and around the Marsmanplein and Schalkwijk shopping centres. See more on this initiative here.

Avoid crowds: own responsibility

The municipality trusts that residents of Haarlem and visitors themselves continue to take responsibility to avoid crowds. The measures are aimed at helping and reminding people of this. Enforcement will only be deployed if the adjustments do not work effectively or if people intentionally or annoyingly violate the rules.

Temporality is the basis

In addition to the yellow heart route, road signs will be placed, alternative cycling routes will be offered and traffic installations will be adapted to avoid queues for cyclists and walkers as much as possible. Adjustments are also being made in parking garages and bicycle sheds. The starting point for all measures is that they are temporary and are reversed as soon as this is possible again.


[Source: Municipality of Haarlem]