Fireworks Old and New Year’s Eve in Haarlem

As of Old and New Year’s Eve 2023, there will be a ban on fireworks in Haarlem, Bloemendaal and Heemstede. Read below which fireworks are what prohibited and which are allowed.

No fireworks may be set off in Haarlem, Bloemendaal and Heemstede again this year (2022/2023) on New Year’s Eve. The rules established last year in Haarlem’s General Municipal Regulation, the (APV) have not been adjusted by the city council this year.

This ban was introduced after consultation between the municipality of Haarlem, fire department and police, with the aim of reducing the nuisance and dangers to local residents, animals and the environment.

According to the ban, it is only allowed to set off fireworks on New Year’s Eve between 6 p.m. and 1 a.m. It is forbidden to set off fireworks in residential areas, on or near (about 50 meters) public transportation and in other crowded places, such as shopping centers, sports fields and playgrounds. The use of professional fireworks, such as those used at events and theaters, is also restricted.

The fireworks ban applies to all types of fireworks except for popping fireworks sold by authorized outlets. These popping fireworks may only be set off by adults and may not be used to annoy or intimidate others.

Banned fireworks in Haarlem

The ban on consumer fireworks category F2 and F3 and carbide shooting set June 17, 2021, remains in place.

Fireworks from category F2 and F3

Category 2 fireworks: present more danger than Category 1 fireworks. These fireworks are intended for outdoors in a defined place. Consider fireworks such as:

  • flares
  • popping fireworks
  • fountains
  • cakes
  • batteries.

Category 3 fireworks: pose even more danger (according to fireworks sites, this is called medium danger) and have a higher noise level. These fireworks may be lit outdoors in a large open area. Consider fireworks such as:

  • popping fireworks (such as firecrackers)
  • banging strings (such as Chinese mats)
  • single shot tubes (single shots)
  • fire arrows.

Category F4 fireworks.

This is the heaviest category and is for professional use only. This is the type of fireworks used in professional fireworks shows such as mortars and professional cakes. To set off Category 4 fireworks you must have a possession permit.

Setting off heavy professional fireworks can therefore only be done by permit holders and there are not that many of them left in the Netherlands. Incidentally, heavier bang fireworks such as Cobras also fall into this category.

Municipality of Haarlem hands out fines

People stopped with fireworks on them risk a fine of at least 100 euros. If you set it off, you will be fined 250 euros. You will also receive a note in your criminal record. If you are still under the age of 18, you may receive a community service penalty for setting off fireworks. The municipality of Haarlem hopes that the fireworks ban will lead to a safer and calmer environment at the turn of the year.


Police and Enforcement are responsible for enforcing the fireworks ban. Are you experiencing fireworks-related nuisances? If so, you can make a report.


Allowed fireworks in Haarlem

What are (children’s) fireworks (F1)? The so-called category F1 fireworks, children’s fireworks, may be set off. This includes:

  • sparklers
  • Bengal fire
  • fountains
  • firecrackers.

These fireworks are also for sale all year round and are allowed to be set off at New Year’s Eve. The rule is that you must be at least 12 years old to buy and set them off.


No fireworks show on the Grote Markt in 2023

Haarlem city council will not organise a central Old & New Year’s Eve fireworks show in 2023.

There will be no central fireworks show in Haarlem this year to compensate for the fireworks ban. The municipality has inquired with other municipalities whether such an event had an effect on vandalism during the turn of the year. That does not appear to be the case, so Mayor Jos Wienen now sees no reason to allow a fireworks show in Haarlem.


[Source: Rodi and Noord Holland Nieuws]