2021 penis size

Which nationalities have the biggest and the smallest penises?

Even if you don’t want to admit it, you are curious about the size of men’s genitals. That’s why you are reading this 😉 And yes, a lot of research has been done over the years, that shows that the penis size vary greatly between countries.

A male’s penis size is primarily determined by genetics. Studies also show that proper nutrition during younger years and adolescence is also important in healthy development.

An international comparison of the average penis size by country was published by WorldData. Measurements in the data provided are the length on the upper side of the penis from the root of the shaft to the tip of the glands.

WorldData’s information also provides the average height of males in each country and the penis size as a percentage of body height. On a few studies have shown a correlation between body size and length, but the correlations have been marginal, showing that there is essentially no correlation.

Additionally, it is often claimed that penis size can be determined by the size of one’s shoe or an index finger. Connections between either and penis size were not found in nearly all of the studies conducted.

Figures in the data are for the average size of an erect penis. The erect length of a penis is about 1.5 times the length of a flaccid penis. This is because, during an erection, blood flows into the erectile tissue of the penis causing it to grow and harden.

Overall, the average penis size in the world is 13.58 centimeters (cm) or 5.35 inches. The largest size was 17.61 centimeters (6.93 inches), found in Ecuador and the smallest was 10.01 centimeters (3.95 inches) in Cambodia. The average penis size in Ecuador also has the largest percentage of body height at 10.54%.

The countries with the largest erect penis length are:

  1. Ecuador – 17.61 cm (6.93 inches)
  2. Cameroon – 16.67 cm (6.56 inches)
  3. Bolivia – 16.51 cm (6.5 inches)
  4. Sudan – 16.47 cm (6.48 inches)
  5. Haiti – 16.01 cm (6.3 inches)
  6. Senegal – 15.89 cm (6.26 inches)
  7. Gambia – 15.88 cm (6.25 inches)
  8. Netherlands – 15.87 cm (6.25 inches)
  9. Cuba – 15.87 cm (6.25 inches)
  10. Zambia – 15.78 cm (6.21 inches)

The countries with the smallest erect penis length are:

  1. Cambodia – 10.04 cm (3.95 inches)
  2. Burma – 10.70 cm (4.21 inches)
  3. Taiwan – 10.78 cm (4.24 inches)
  4. Philippines – 10.85 cm (4.27 inches)
  5. Sri Lanka – 10.89 cm (4.29 inches)
  6. Hong Kong – 11.19 cm (4.41 inches)
  7. Bangladesh – 11.20 cm (4.41 inches)
  8. Thailand – 11.45 cm (4.51 inches)
  9. Vietnam – 11.47 cm (4.52 inches)
  10. Malaysia – 11.49 cm (4.52 inches)


source: World Population Review

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    Other survey I saw had South Korea as the smallest and Columbia as the largest, oddly enough neither of them are mentioned here. Makes you wonder how do they get their data…lol.

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