Haarlem Comedy Factory April

Haarlem Comedy Factory April (in English)

Enjoy a great English spoken Comedy Night in Haarlem with upcoming comedians and new material by established comedians from the international scene. Bring your friends.

Online tickets cost € 10 p.p. Remaining tickets (if available) can be bought at the door for € 15,00 p.p.


– 7:30- 8:00 PM: Doors open & Drinks. 

– 8:00-9:15 PM: Haarlem Comedy Factory. Entrance with ticketsOnline tickets with discount: € 10 p.p. instead of € 15 p.p. at the door. 

– 9:30-10:00 PM: Drinks for who wants to discuss the comedy or just have a chat and a drink.


Stamatios Doulis alias Mike (MC)

Stamatios Doulis, for friends Mike, has been singing and performing on stage since he was 13. He had his “moments of glory” in Talpa’s TV program Happy Hour and on Dumpert TV. Half Dutch, half Greek, half human, with sometimes a raw sense of humor. Don’t take it too serious, it’s all comedy.

Tim van ‘t Hul

Like Socrates, Tim van ‘t Hul raises many questions. Questions like: “Why does he talk like that?”, “What happened to his mustache?” and “Did he really just compare himself to Socra-tes?” 
Despite the beard and the weird last name, Tim is not in fact Klingon but Dutch. He’s also a massive nerd (which is why he insisted on mentioning Klingons in his bio) and as such loves movies, science, grammar and referring to himself in the third person (he really does). He does not approve of people calling him a hipster, meaning he probably is one, and sees the world as a meaningless and absurd yet endlessly fascinating place. Tim is cheap, clean and sustainable and is therefore considered by many to be a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

Jacob Adriani

Jacob has been a stand-up comedian since 2016. Ever since he’s been routinely classified as an originally absurd banter-salesman, among other semi-compliments. He’ll shape an energetic show around the finest stand-up comedians.

Benjamin George Nelkin

Sometimes referred to by those who know him as “terminally American”, Benjamin George Nelkin tackles light-hearted topics like race, religion, sex and politics in his unique style. Nothing is off-limits for this American comic. Born and raised in New Orleans before moving to Boston, Benjamin now resides in Leiden. 

Xiaoli Go

Xiaoli, although a lady of reticent nature, has previously not refrained herself from voicing her dislike of thistles in public. Her criticism of thistles ranges from muffled disapproval (quote xiaoli, “not much of a looker, and a trifle too spikey for the touch”), to impetuous denunciation (another quote of xiaoli, “it is a bloody eyesore, and utterly a prick”). Recently the newly learnt knowledge that artichoke is also a type of thistle only makes xiaoli’s blood boil more. “Great, now artichoke is also a prick”, xiaoli’s final comment on thistle. Ps: xiaoli cannot pronounce the word ‘thistle’, and that’s what drove her mad, eventually.


Online tickets: € 10 p.p. Remaining tickets (if available) can be bought at the door for € 15,00 per ticket. Make sure you don’t miss it and buy your tickets online NOW.