Beer Sommelier: "Beer tastes better tepid than cold" (Photo: Arianna Ardia)

Beer Sommelier: “Beer tastes better tepid than cold”

Social media are filled by complaints about tepid beer. The beers would be served at much higher temperatures than the ideal five degrees. But according to beer sommelier Gijs Troost it’s not so bad as the drink is slightly warmer.

The beers are some warmer because the refrigeration equipment sometimes can not manage the summer temperatures.

Warmer beer no disadvantage

‘”For the taste some warmer beer does not have to be a disadvantage”, says Troost to Editie NL. “When “pils” beer is around ten degrees, it has much more flavor. Flavors release better and therefore you taste more of everything that is in beer.”

Thirst quencher”

According to Troost, this counts especially for specialty beers. “They’re even not supposed to be served cold. They taste better when they are warmer.”

However, Troost can understand the complaints: “If it’s hot, you just order your “pils” (beer) as a thirst quencher. Then your beer must of course not be tepid. For the consumer this isn’t nice and he is right.”


Specialty beer on a terrace in Brugge

(Photo: Arianna Ardia)


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