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I’m so busy…

Have you noticed how often people say they’re ”so busy”? It seems to be the new answer to ”How are you?”, ‘I’m BUSY’. Have you heard it, too? Maybe you’ve even used it yourself.

Why you should travel SOLO.

Have you ever considered travelling solo? Do you think it’s lonely? If you have this or any other concern, then this might change your mind. People ask me ‘Why are you traveling solo? Aren’t you lonely? Scared? Is it safe?’ It can be scary traveling alone, especially when you’ve never done it before. But, if […]

Challenges of Expats – Summer Interview with Jessica Stazzone Manazza

While supporting ambitious professionals who recently moved abroad, I publish these interviews, revealing personal stories, tips and advice. Arriving in a new country is such a change, and how to feel ‘’at Home’’ can be a challenge.  Or not?  This month I introduce you to Jessica Stazzone Manazza.  Original country: Germany and Italy Expat countries: […]

Tips to stay motivated anywhere in the world.

Are you truly enjoying your experience abroad and completely happy? You may have days when your motivation is completely lost, your courage is below zero and your self-doubt is sky high. I sure recognize that. Over the past years, in every single country I’ve lived, there are days that I wondered, ‘Did I make the right […]

9 Tips to Beat Homesickness

It can be difficult adjusting to a new environment and homesickness creeps in. You feel lonely and miss your familiar routine, your family, friends, and neighbourhood. You long for your kitchen with your food and drinks and being able to find your way around automatically. You wish you could just speak your native language.