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Lockdown measures tightened including curfew

On the evening of  Wednesday 20 January, prime minister Mark Rutte and minister Hugo de Jonge announced that lockdown measures have to be tightened in response to concerns about new variants of the coronavirus. The previous announcement on Tuesday 12 January (see here) stated that the measures announced in December would continue until 9 February, […]

Dutch lockdown continues until at least 9 February

On the evening of Tuesday 12 January, prime minister Mark Rutte and minister Hugo de Jonge announced that the measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus would be extended for a further 3 weeks. The previous announcement in December (see here) stated the lockdown needed to be introduced to minimise contact between people and […]

Dutch Language exercise: Sinterklaas & Zwarte Piet

Dutch Language exercise: choose the correct answer for each of the gaps. Sinterklaas woont in Spanje en Zwarte Piet is zijn helper. De Sint is een oudeplanmanmaanbaanmet een lange witte baard. Hij heeft een mijter op zijn hoofd en hij draagt een rode mantel. Een keer pergevaarjaarpaardollarkomt Sinterklaas naar Nederland. Hij komt met een stoomboot. […]

Fireworks exploded in Haarlem house

During the early hours of Wednesday 14 October, there was an incident at a house on the Prins Bernhardlaan in Haarlem caused by fireworks exploding after being thrown through the window. It is the third time in a few days that the house has been targeted. There was no one in the house at the […]

Online Mysteryland Festival 4 million viewers

The online version of live music festival Mysterland attracted 4 million viewers from about 130 different countries, the organisers told Shownieuws. Mysteryland is the longest-running and largest dance festival in the Netherlands and is usually held every August in Haarlemmermeer.

Dutch CoronaMelder coronavirus app to feature multiple languages

The CoronaMelder coronavirus app is in an advanced stage of development. CoronaMelder is currently being trialled in several regions in the Netherlands and will offer multiple language options, including English, German, Polish and Turkish, among others. The CoronaMelder app, which may soon be implemented nationwide, has the potential to complement RIVM guidelines to prevent a […]